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Free Resources for Artists

Art is a rewarding but difficult pursuit. I've put together a series of resources that would benefit beginner artists, from downloadable perspective grids to PDF guides on concepts such as "value" and the colour wheel.

Click on the image of each tutorial you would like to download.

Colour wheel thumbnail.jpg
Colour Wheel Tutorial

A PDF tutorial explaining the colour wheel, including colour temperature.

Loomis Head Method.jpg
Loomis Head Method Tutorial

A PDF tutorial explaining a step-by-step of how to create the head from any angle using the Loomis method.

Brush Pack.jpg
Free Brushes

Free digital brushes created by me. The link will take you to gumroad but there is no charge.

What is Value_Cover.jpg
value range_1-9_Brinkelai.jpg
Value Tutorial

A PDF tutorial explaining value and how to apply it to your art.

Perspective Grids

A collection of 1 and 2-point perspective grids.

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