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Projects & Illustrations

Caldecott Project

Randolph Caldecott.jpg

This was a project commissioned for the Caldecott Project in Whitchurch, Shropshire, sponsored by the Bologna Children's Book Fair. I was required to draw in a style similar to Randolph Caldecott's various buildings in Whitchurch. I then helped lay out a map which would be printed and handed out to visitors so they could navigate to each building where various events would be held.

Caldecott Festival Map.jpg
Caldecott Buildings_BargatesHall.jpg
Caldecott Buildings_HeritageCentre.jpg
Caldecott Buildings_Percys.jpg
Caldecott Buildings_Watergate.jpg
Whitchurch Library.jpg
Caldecott Buildings_StAlkmundsChurch.jpg

These are the buildings I drew and they were chosen, along with another student's, to go on the map to represent the particular landmarks in the town. I drew them digitally and attempted to replicate a relatively loose ink style.

Devil's Bridge

Devils Bridge Design3.jpg
Devils Bridge Design1.jpg
Devils Bridge Design2.jpg

This was a very short project where we were tasked with designing new labels for a spiced rum company. These were done during the course of the only meeting that was held.

Miscellaneous Projects


"The Montreal Screwjob"

This was an assignment to get us used to using InDesign where we'd be creating a book intended for print. Both InDesign and Illustrator were used for this.

Connor Cutler.jpg

"The Ripple Effect"

These are early concept sketches for a pirate comic that has since stopped.

These illustrations are just for fun!

Life Drawings & Figure Illustrations

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