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Feeling the Pressure
Feeling the Pressure.jpg

This was a fun storyboard to do for practice. Based on my inability to understand how pressure washers work.

"Something Happened"

This was part of a university assignment. We had to pick a route local to us and then create sequences of up to 6 panels/thumbnails that told part of a story that could potentially be adapted into a comic.


Douleur Character Sheet_Dot.jpg

Here are the character designs, the main set piece and a blueprint of the layout. The comic is here, but I've also adapted it into a webcomic format here and here.

Douleur Designs.jpg

Another university brief, where the theme was "Transition". We had to create a 6 page comic and I chose to create a story of a character who was in purgatory and a representative from Heaven and Hell would plead their case for the character's soul.

"Haunted Hunters"

This is also from university and is inspired by the game "Phasmaphobia". The assignment was to once again create a 6 page comic.

"Metamorphosis / The Alien"
Lobster Line Drawing.jpg
Gorilla Line Drawing.jpg

This assignment was strange, but fun. We had to choose two animals and transform them from one to the other. Then, we had to pick one version of them and create a comic around that character who a family discover while they were on holiday.

Lobster Studies.jpg

Exploring shapes and designs for lobsters and gorillas.

Gorilla Studies.jpg

These designs were not part of the assignment, but I liked the concept so did these for fun!


From lobster to gorilla and gorilla to lobster.


I couldn't decide on which hybrid to pick and so I ended up doing two turnarounds instead of one.


I ended up choosing the second. We had to put the character in various scenarios before we started with the comic. I ended up simplifying the style so that it would be easier and quicker to replicate in the comic. I also wanted the comic to be more light-hearted than the turnaround would've allowed for.

For the comic itself, I wanted to play with the format and lay it out as if it were a diary and the events had already happened. It was inspired a little by "The Savage" by David Almond and Dave McKean. Everything in colour is drawn by the author and the polaroid's are "real", as is the final page.



This is a webcomic I am currently working on, inspired by the Greek myth of Hades kidnapping Persephone.

Persephone 5.jpg
Persephone 4.jpg
Persephone 3.jpg
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